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The Differences Between a Safe and a Lockbox

If you are interested in securing your valuables, you are sure to find plenty of things on the market to help you achieve this. You may have come across some things that are well worth protecting and want to decide whether or not using a safe or lockbox is best. In order to make this decision, you'll have to know what a safe offers and what a lockbox offers. You'll need to know the level of security each offer. It is only once you know the answer to this question that you'll be able to understand the level of protection they each offer.

Safe Features and Function

There are various types of safes. They are not all built the same, cost the same or even made from the same materials. Some are more secure than others. When considering the level of security and protection they offer, you'll need to consider the steel content of the entire safe, how well is it welded, the testing parameters used to test the safe if there is a warranty and where the safe is manufactured. If you have a safe, it should be accessible. When it is hidden there is less likelihood of someone finding it. You'll also need to decide if you would prefer a digital lock or combination lock. A combination lock will not offer you quick access inside. However, once you've opened it enough times, you'll be able to open it more quickly. A digital safe will enable you to get inside within a matter of seconds. You are able to keep your valuable in a safe until you need them. However, you should know that they aren't without their drawbacks. You might forget the code or something involving the mechanism of the safe, might fail. A good quality safe is less likely to give you cause for concern.

Lockboxes Features and Function

So let us be clear, a lockbox is a type essentially a type of safe. Your choices in lockboxes are a standard box or a personal protection box. They are designed to be small and easily accessible. Most standard lockboxes are opened up quite often. You'll find a lockbox at a local bake sale, garage sale or yard sale. When someone is about to purchase a personal protection lockbox it is usually because they want to store and secure a gun. This helps keep the gun out of the hands of others who may not be trained or licensed to use one. The personal lockbox opens faster than a standard lockbox, usually in less than a minute. The personal lockbox requires some type of key to open and may take a little longer to access. Some people with a lockbox have them bolted down to prevent them from being stolen. A lockbox is not is made from materials that are not as strong as the materials used to design a safe. A lockbox is made with less metal than a safe is.

There is yet another type of lockbox that you can choose from, the key safe lock. This is a small box, usually made of plastic or a thin metal. You may find them with a four- wheel combination or a combination dial. They don’t usually open with a key. This box was designed primarily for someone who loses their key or to give multiple people access. The most commonly used safe box lock box is the one used by real estate agents to allow other agents and prospective buyers access inside of a property. These are not the safest to secure your valuables in because they cannot be bolted. They can, however, be screwed into the wall. These are used mostly for convenience purposes.  You stand a better chance of securing what's in the box if it is concealed from others. They are not as expensive as the other types of lockboxes.

Making a Final Decision

In some cases, you might find it beneficial to purchase both a lockbox along with a safe. Just because a lockbox is also a safe doesn't mean that it serves the same purpose. Making the decision about which one to buy will depend on how you intend on using it. If you need something that you can carry from one place to another and that you can easily conceal, the lockbox is probably a good option for you. However, if you need something made of more solid construction and where the lock cannot be easily compromised, you will likely benefit more from a safe. We like to look at it in terms of a lockbox being something that you simply purchase and that will not cost too much. However, we see a safe being more of an investment; they tend to cost more and you'll need to give much more consideration to the type that you will eventually use. If you're not going to need to open it very often, a safe is a good choice since you'll only need to open it to put things in more often than you'll need to take things out. Also, when considering the type of safe you'll purchase, just keep in mind that a combination lock might be best since electronic lock can malfunction. If this occurs you'll have to depend on the services of a qualified locksmith who knows how to gain access to a safe.

The absolute most important thing that you’ll need to consider when trying to decide on a safe is exactly how you intend on using the safe. This will not only help you in making your final decision but it will also aid the sales person who is assisting you in finding one that will best suit your needs. They will know all of the right questions to ask you, you should be ready with an answer to the questions they ask of you. By considering some of the things we’ve outlined in this article, you should be prepared to address their questions.

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