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When You Need To Replace Locks

There are certain situations that will come up in life that warrant a lock change. It is important that you are mindful of security, and aware of when it is important to swap out old locks with new ones. The team at Ahwatukee Locksmith AZ is asked this question all of the time. The team receives phone calls from locals in the Ahwatukee, Arizona area who want to know if their safety would be at risk if they didn’t change their locks. Realistically, you can look at it this way: if you are asking the question about lock replacement, then it is very likely that you should really look into doing so. Here, you will find information that points you in the right direction. Just remember that locks need to be replaced every few years or so primarily because of wear and tear. But some of the situations described below are a bit more urgent.

Replace your locks if they are starting to be problematic.

Worn out locks mean it is time for a replacement. How can you know they are starting to become worn? One sign is that your key doesn’t go in smoothly – you have to wiggle it around a little for it to work. You can also sometimes see signs of wear and tear in the coloration and in pieces falling apart.

You need to replace or rekey locks if you have moved into a new house

One of the main times that you need to consider rekeying the locks is when you have relocated into a different home. Think about how many people might have had access to your locks and keys. You likely had a realtor, contractor and other individuals who were in and out of the house, at least at some point. And who is to say that no keys were misplaced? They could have then been picked up by the wrong hands. Rekeying your locks, or replacing them altogether, is something that won’t set you back financially but it will help you tremendously in terms of safety.  

If someone new is moving in, change the locks!

Perhaps you are a landlord that owns a property you rent out. If this is the case, then you should change out the locks in between tenants. You don’t want someone who no longer lives there to have access to the property. And sure, they might have been a completely trustworthy person, but that doesn’t mean that at some point, an individual with bad intentions didn’t make a copy of the key. The person who previously rented from you might not even know if someone else somehow made a copy of their key.

If someone broke into your property, don’t wait – change those locks!

If you had a break in, then you know that this is an absolutely terrible thing to have to deal with. You feel that your privacy and comfort have been completely violated, because they have been. But keep it in the front of your mind that it is important to change your locks fast. This is something a 24/7 emergency locksmith will be able to help you with. Your locks might have been damaged during the break in anyway, which is the first sign they need to be replaced. But if you had a spare key sitting anywhere in the house, it is important that regardless of lock damage, you have it replaced.

You need to replace your locks if you are missing a key.

When you lose a key, or otherwise can’t find it, your mind might wander to the worst: what if I lost it in a grocery store and someone picked it up? Or what if I dropped it in my yard and now someone has it? It’s better to ease your mind and just have the locks replaced, or at least rekeyed. Again, this is something a professional lock and security provider can address for you. Whether your children lost their one and only key copy, or you simply misplaced yours, have the locks changed or rekeyed. You won’t regret it.

I want to replace my locks. What should I do?

If you have determined that you want to have your locks changed, be sure to look up a lock and key professional in your area. You will want someone with a great reputation and affordable solutions. Usually, local businesses will provide you with a great deal. Locksmiths have all of the handy equipment that they need to do the job fast.  

Bear in mind that if you don’t want to have to worry about replacing locks or rekeying them, one thing you can do is go keyless. This is becoming more and more popular nowadays. You can have access to your property without the use of a key – you can use fingerprint technology, a short code that is easy for you to remember but impossible for someone else to guess, or other forms of entry that don’t require a key.

Always hire a local, reputable and affordable locksmith. You should be able to get a free price estimate upfront for any service that you need. If you contact the team at Ahwatukee Locksmith AZ in Arizona then you will find that the services are all entirely affordable and the convenience is undeniably. Of course, you might be located in a different part of the country. All you have to do is a search online to find the closest lock and security provider to your location. Of course, another option is to ask someone you trust if they have a business that they recommend. You should have an expert change your locks just because if you make a mistake, you can damage the locks or you can leave them essentially useless. The whole point of locks is to have proper security – and having them installed by an expert can ensure everything is accurately working. Hopefully you have found all of the details you need here to determine if it’s time to change those locks!

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